Showroom Repair Policy

Out-of-Warranty Repair Policy for Bang & Olufsen Products

*DEPOSIT:* A USD 500.00 service diagnostics fee per unit (excluding applicable taxes) will be charged at the time of product check-in. This fee will be applied to any balance due for services performed.

*PROPOSAL:* A written service repair estimate will be provided to the client, outlining the necessary repairs and, in certain cases, suggesting additional ones. The estimate will include the cost of both parts and labor required to bring the unit back to manufacturing specifications and/or good working condition (in certain cases). Any service-related costs are due upon receipt and acceptance of the estimate. Repairs will commence only after successful account settlement.

*PROPOSAL REJECTION:* If the client rejects the estimate, the unit will be returned to the showroom un-repaired. The client will waive the service diagnostics fee but will be responsible for shipping and insurance costs from the service center to the showroom/client.

*LEAD-TIME:* All service cases are reviewed on a first-come, first-served basis. As spare parts are ordered from Denmark, please allow for a total lead-time of up to six to eight weeks from the acceptance of the service repair estimate.

*SERVICE COMPLETED:* Clients must pick up all completed service repairs (or make other arrangements) within thirty days of the unit’s return from the service center to avoid storage fees. Shipping to the client (at the client’s own risk and expense) may be arranged.

*SERVICE WARRANTY:* Products repaired by our authorized service center are covered by a warranty for six months from their return. Upon pickup, please inspect the serviced item.

We believe these changes will enhance transparency and provide a clear understanding of our Out-of-Warranty Repair Policy. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to reach out.

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